David Lewis – Associate Professor (CV)

I am interested in understanding controls on the flux and storage of nutrients and energy in ecosystems, human-environment interactions, and their implications for ecosystem structure and function. My research presently focuses on freshwater wetlands and intertidal habitats in mixed-use landscapes. I also study soil biogeochemistry in managed landscapes ranging from urban yards to farms and forests. I collaborate with natural and social scientists and environmental managers to better understand the dynamics of coupled natural-human socioecosystems. My teaching program includes graduate and undergraduate courses on various areas of ecology and environmental science.

Bert Anderson – Ph.D.. candidate, Ecology and Evolution

Kristen Langanke – M.S. student

Dawei Tang – M.S. student

Sandra Voors – M.S. student (also a lab B.S. Honor’s thesis alum; poster)


Sharon Feit – M.S. 2012
Masters thesis: “Variability in hydrology and ecosystem properties and their role in regulating soil organic matter stability in wetlands of west-central Florida.” Sharon now works for Barr, an engineering and environmental consulting firm in Minnesota, where she works on endangered species, habitat assessments, wetland/waterbody surveys, and regulatory permitting.

Kristine JimenezKristine Jimenez
Lab Manager and Research Technician, 2011-13
Kristine spearheaded a project using the rare stable isotope  of nitrogen (15N) to investigate rapid storage of N into stable organic forms in coastal wetland soils, focusing on salt marsh and mangrove forest habitats. She also managed our lab, from coordinating schedules and budgets to maintaining highly specialized instrumentation. Finally, while here at USF, she participated in outreach by using soils to explore sustainability themes with Native American students at the College of Menominee Nation, in Wisconsin. After departing from the lab, Kristine was first a technician and manager in the Univ. of Cincinnati Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry facility, and then moved on to a technician/scientist position at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Jewel Brown – B.S. 2012, Honors
Undergraduate honors thesis: Interactive effects of simulated sea-level rise and warming on microbial carbon and nitrogen cycling in mangrove and salt marsh soils. Selected for presentation at the USF Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium. Jewel is now in medical school at the Univ. of South Florida.

Kirsti Martinez – B.S. Thesis-based Honor’s student, Goldwater Scholar

Viviana Penuela – Ph.D. student, Ecology and Evolution (also a lab M.S. alum; thesis)