Soils!!! A plaform for sustainability outreach

soil_testing_KLJoutreach_DesaiMenomineeAlong with teaching and research, outreach forms one of the priorities of the Lewis Lab. Outreach efforts include sharing discoveries with professional environmental managers, information sessions with the public, and educational opportunities for school groups outside USF. Over the past two years, lab member Kristine Jimenez, along with Dr. Ankur Desai (Univ of Wisconsin – Madison), has been holding an outreach program called Forest and Climate Leaders In Menominee and the Environment (ForCLIMATE) aimed at providing students at the College of Menominee Nation (CMN) new opportunities to explore scientific methods of studying global change. This summer the class included CMN’s Sustainable Development Institute and high school students in the highly selective Sustainability Leadership Cohort. This program ignites interest in sustainability through the STEM fields, and builds leadership skills that respect other cultural values and shape innovative leaders. During this 4-day retreat at the Univ. of Wisc. Kemp Natural Resources Station, students participated in methods that scientists use to study the environment and the earth-atmosphere system. Kristine designed a module where students used field methods to determine soil texture and measure soil nutrients and pH, and facilitated discussions about climate change, renewable energy, indigenous knowledge, and culture.

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