Our lab is place for learning about ecology: interactions of organisms with each other and with the matter and energy of their physical environment. This learning occurs primarily through original research conducted by graduate students, undergraduates, the occasional research technician and postdoctoral scholar, the lab PI (David Lewis), and our collaborators in other academic disciplines and non-academic sectors.


Generally, we study how ecologically important chemical elements (particularly carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus) are stored in the environment and cycle through it. Much of our work examines how the cycles of these elements interact with land use, the hydrological cycle, human decision-making, and the types and combinations of species that constitute the biological part of the environment. The particular details of our research change as projects finish and new interests emerge, although we often gravitate to wetlands and urban ecosystems. To stay on top of recent events, subscribe to the news feed on our home page, check out our research and publications pages, and follow us on Facebook.

Showing our best side


We are in the Department of Integrative Biology, at the University of South Florida. We welcome hearing from prospective students, potential collaborators, environmental managers and stakeholders, the media, and anyone curious about our program. Get in touch!