Congratulations Kristen!!

Red mangrove propagules growing the field. Kristen reared huge numbers of these in the greenhouse! (photo:

Congratulations to Kristen Langanke on defending her Master’s thesis and graduating with her M.S. this past Fall 2017 semester. Kristen’s thesis was “Response to nitrogen and salinity conditions in Rhizophora mangle seedlings varies by site of origin”. Kristen worked super hard collecting red mangrove (R. mangle) propagules from a variety of mangrove ecosystems, and rearing them in the green house under varying conditions of salt and nutrient stress, which are likely to grow with changing sea levels and pervasive coastal nutrient eutrophication. This study was a nice example of examining phenotypic variation in responses to stress. Kristen’s primary advisor was Dr. Christina Richards, our frequent collaborator. And as an active participant in our group and user of our lab, Kristen was a member of the Lewis Lab as well. Great work Kristen.

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