I teach the following courses in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of South Florida.

Ecosystem Ecology – Graduate-level course. Emphasizes newly discovered mechanisms, and juxtaposes terrestrial and aquatic research. Traces a proverbial “atom X” from the atmosphere through soil profiles to aquatic systems.

Landscape Ecology – Graduate-level course. Introduces landscape ecology concepts and tools. Gives students a research opportunity by providing them a real set of spatially-explicit data and computing resources for its analysis.

Principles of Ecology – Upper-level undergraduate course. Pairs theory with empirical examples from long-term, comparative, experimental, and modeling studies. Covers all ecological levels, the scientific method, and natural selection.

Ecology Laboratory – Undergraduate course (separate from lecture). Projects on diverse topics each require data collection and analysis, and papers written in IMRD format that exhibit hypothesis development and testing.

Environment – Non-majors undergraduate course. Emphasizes the science behind environmental change issues (climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution), with secondary focus on social aspects of environmental change.

Biology for Non-majors – An introductory biology course covering all major topics including biomolecules and energetics, genetics and inheritance, diversity of life forms, animal physiology, ecology, evolution, and the scientific method.